1. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare through its MIS section has procured four digital equipment for telemedicine, including software, developed by us. The items are: Stethoscope, Microscope, X-ray Viewbox, and ECG (12 lead diagnostic). These are to be tested for use in the Upazilla Health Complexes.

2. Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID), an NGO has procured two equipment for telemedicine, including software, developed by us. The items are: Stethoscope and ECG (12 lead diagnostic). They will use these items at two remote rural centres as a test of the system.

3. Sadharon Manusher Majhe (SAMAMA), an NGO was collaborated from 2013 to 2015 with us for field trial of a TeleHealth system developed by BMPT for remote rural areas. Initially this will be tried at three to five centres in Faridpur district, and the system will be improved or developed further based on the feedback received. SAMAMA has already obtained necessary permission from DG Health of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, while our department has obtained necessary permission from Dhaka University authority for this collaboration.

4. Field Trial of a cost effective spring activated prosthetic hand: Razia is a poor slum girl whose mother collects old news papers from door to door and sells them for a living. About seven years ago while playing in the street, Razia discovered a small little box of ‘Jorda’ (chewing tobacco) wrapped in red tape. She picked it up and tried to open it out of curiosity and guess what…. it exploded on her hand. That was actually a hand made bomb left by some thugs. Razia survived, but not without a cost. She lost her right hand up to wrist. After coming to know about this sad accident, Professor Dr. Rabbani, present chairman of Dept. of Biomedical physics & technology, came up with an idea to make a low cost prosthetic hand for her. After a couple of year’s research finally a prosthetic hand has been made from a mannequin hand and handed over to Razia on 19th August, 2012 , the day before this year’s Ramadan Eid. Click here for more details
Also, you may want to watch a youtube video about Razia’s new prosthetic hand here.