Handing over of Auto Pressure Alarm for wheelchairs to CRP

Four Auto Pressure Alarm device for wheelchair, designed and developed by a research team of the Department of Biomedical Physics & Technology of the University of Dhaka, were handed over to representatives of the Savar based Center for Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP) on 5 April last. Chairperson of the department Mr. Md Abdul Kadir, Research group leader Honorary Professor Dr. Khondkar Siddique-e Rabbani and developer of the device Research Engineer Md. Moniruzzaman handed over the items on behalf of the department. Teachers and researchers of the department were present at the event.
A paralyzed patient sitting on a wheel chair has to lift the body using both hands for a certain time after a regular interval of time. Otherwise pressure sores develop, leading to gangrene and eventual death. The Dhaka University team designed and developed a pressure sensor and necessary electronic circuitry employing micro-controller technology to give specific sound alarms to the user
at specified time intervals. Fixed into locally made wheel chairs by CRP, this will provide a big relief to paralyzed patients, extending their lives.