BEXIMCO Pharma provides Tk 5 lakh from their CSR fund for development and dissemination of Low Cost Mechanical prosthetic hand

image003BEXIMCO Pharmaceuticals LTD, one of the leading Pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh, has given our department a grant of Tk. 5 Lakh from their CSR fund for dissemination and further development of the low cost Mechanical Prosthetic hand innovated under the leadership of the department’s Chairperson, Professor K Siddique-e Rabbani. Mr. Rabbur Reza, COO of BEXIMCOPharma, handed over the cheque to Dr.Rabbani at a small ceremony held in their head office on March 13, 2014.It needs to be mentioned that Farm Fresh Brand of Akij group had donated Tk. 1.7 lakh in 2010 at the initial phase of the development of the prosthetic hand.

Using the spring loaded thumb that this prosthesis provides, a person can write, type on a computer, solder electronic circuits and perform various daily chores. It also serves cosmetic purposes looking like a real hand, giving the wearer self-esteem and confidence.This is an outcome of the department’s long term vision and efforts towards providing affordable technological solutions for the people.Our department is now ready to provide this prosthetic hand to wrist amputees at a cost of only Tk. 5000. For comparison, an imported cosmetic hand which can perform no function at all, costs more than Tk.20,000.

This generous support from BEXIMCO will help us provide this prosthesis free or at a subsidized cost to poor patients, and for further development. Some charity fund has also been made available through other personal sources for this purpose.