Our participation at Digital world 2012 exhibition at Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our department took part in theDigital world 2012, an exhibition organized by the Government of Bangladesh during 6 – 8 December,2012 at the Bangladesh China Friendship Conference Centre. We displayed our innovations and products at a stall and at an experience centre. The items displayed at the stall were:

1. Computerised diagnostic ECG equipment
2. Computerised EMG and nerve conduction equipment
3. Electrical impedance respiration monitor for babies (without upsetting them, as crying changes respiration rate)
4. Indigenously made/ improvised items for telemedicine
I. Digital Microscope (at low cost)
II. Digital stethoscope
III.DigitalColposcope (for viewing cervix, in order to detect cancer)
IV. Computerised ECG, 12 lead, software control and switching (through graphical user interface and mouse click)

The items presented at the Experience Centre were:

1. Prosthetic (robotic) hand which the wearer can control by contracting certain muscles of the forearm.
2. Computerised dynamic Pedograph
(A pedograph gives the pressure distribution under the foot when a person walks through the sensor region. This is very useful for prevention of amputation of legs for diabetic patients who do not have nerve sensation)
3. Computer Control for Children (CCC) system to teach children the basics of computer interfacing through the printer port. Using the prototype several lights can be controlled through software commands.
4. Electrical impedance system to measure body segment impedance