Our students visit a Telemedicine set up of Dr. Reza bin Zaid at BIRDEM on 29 July, 2012

A delegation of teachers and research students of our department paid a visit to the chamber of Dr. Reza Bin Zaid, a Dermatology Consultant at BIRDEM to learn about a telemedicine system developed under his leadership, under the banner of ‘Telemedicine Working Group Bangladesh (TWgBD)’. Dr. Zaid initiated this system in 2000 and currently is providing telederamtology consultation to patients at 5 centers set up in different parts of the country, including a few remote rural areas. The delegation was overwhelmed to see such a world class telemedicine system developed and used in Bangladesh and expressed their wish to collaborate with Dr. Zaid to enhance the system through the inclusion of general medicine and cardiac care in rural areas using the telemedicine equipment and software developed by our department.