Dr Rabbani is Back after a successful tour of UK

Dr. K Siddique-e Rabbani, Professor of BMPT department is back to Bangladesh after a successful tour of UK. He went there mainly to participate in the 7th International Conference on Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Developing Countries, organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology of UK. Professor Rabbani was invited to give a keynote address on ‘Sustained Healthcare Technology in the Third World” where he presented his thoughts on the necessity of empowering people in every Third World country in R&D and manufacture, without which the goal of delivering the benefits of modern healthcare technology to all the people of the world will be an impossibility. He also presented three contributory papers on the work done with this aim in our department. Afterwards he visited Warwick, Nottingham and Sheffield Universities to discuss collaborative research. Warwick is already working on Focused Impedance Method (FIM) which is an innovation of our group and Nottingham is working on nerves using MRI and Distribution of F-Latency (DFL), the latter being an innovation of our group. Sheffield has been successful in developing an electrical impedance device for diagnosis of Cervical Cancer and the discussion there was on the use of this device in Bangladesh.